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that is the spot where the second bomb went off. former atf bomb investigator jim cavanaugh said it is obvious to him looking at the pictures. >> large injuries were on the side of it. debris field to the left. some protected areas over on the right side that indicate the blast was to one side of the trash receptacle. this was the scene of the blast. >> reporter: we are also seeing close-up photos of the actual pieces of the bomb. showing the pressure cooker deformed by the blast, one of its lids blown to the top of a nearby building. they are a favorite of bomb makers because explosive pressure builds up before it is released. investigators can now begin to trace down where components were bought since they know the maker of the pressure cooker, the type of rechargeable flashlight batteries used -- made in china, but widely available -- and even the type of wire -- also made in china -- used to hook the main components together. bomb technicians are examining two electronic components included in the bombs to see whether they were parts of timers or receivers for a remote detonation signal. a
witherspoon apparently had trouble walking the line. her and husband jim tot were arrested and jailed early friday morning for an alleged dui and disorderly conduct. according to the police report, while toth was given a sprite test, reese claimed he was not a real police officer so she was handcuffed but not before telling the officer, quote, do you know my name? >> that never works. >> you're about to find out who i am, end quote. in a statement witherspoon said she clearly had too much to drink and is deeply embarrassed. >>> three doors down bassisted to harrell was charged with vehicular homicide after causing a fatal crash that killed a 47-year-old man. harrell was intoxicated and also in possession of over 30 assorted prescription pills. >>> in another entertainment news, "oblivion" easily took first at the box office with $38 million. jennifer lawrence presented bill clinton with a glaad media award and ended up flubbing the president's name. >> we are happy to present glaad advocate change award to president glib -- bill clinton. >> it happens to all of us, you know. it comes up, yo
, time takes its toll. >> jim gaines. >> it's not how you start out, it's how you finish. look how gorgeous you are. >> there's a story of this little boy, little girl. >> six years old. >> here's what happened. imagine this, a school in texas and she's supposed to go to school every day, obviously. >> kindergarten. and she shows up late, her parents drop her off late, because they have a brand-new baby. she's late the first time, the second time and the third time, the teacher says, you've got to make sure you get your child here on time. and anyway, the child showed up late again the parents dropped her off late again. >> and what they do to children that are late more than three times, on the third time, they give you a little detention. they punish the child by making them spend time alone during lunch time. >> so it was a question about, should the child be penalized? >> for the sins of the parents. but the parents were told two times already, please have your child show up on time. what should the school do then if not that? >> okay. so her parents have come forward to say th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3